Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum amount of time you can have a week/fortnight is two hours, which can be split between cleaning and ironing as required.
Yes, once you have selected the cleaner for your home they will become your permanent cleaner.
Our cleaners will contact you in the first instance if unable to carry out the clean and arrange another suitable time. If this is not convenient then we suggest that the hours are banked and made use of at a time that suits both you and the cleaner. Temporary cover maybe available but you will need to contact the office directly to request this.
We ask our cleaners to give our customers at least two weeks' notice on any holidays that they have planned. You will then be asked by your cleaner if temporary cover is required and if it is, then you will need to contact the office to request this. We will then arrange cover and inform you of your temporary cleaner. (Temporary cover is available and can be discussed. However, it may be easier to cancel the clean while your cleaner is absent and rearrange for another time, due to keys etc.
We work very hard to pick a cleaner we think is matched to your requirements, however, if you do not feel like the relationship is working then we can provide another cleaner to meet with you and discuss your requirements. Please be assured that we will do everything we can to find you another suitable cleaner as quickly as possible, but this may take a couple of weeks.
By discussing with the cleaner at the initial meeting all your requirements, our cleaners can perform wonders in the most chaotic of houses!!
We will do everything in our power to get you a cleaner at the time / day you request. However the more availability we are given, the more chance we have of getting your clean started more quickly. This is why we ask for a first and second choice of days for the cleaning to be carried out.
All Domestic, cleaning duties will be considered, please discuss this at your initial meeting with the cleaner.
Our cleaners use the equipment and products provided by you the customer. This ensures that we not only keep the costs down for our customers but stops any animal hair being transferred between homes. Simply Spotless have also found that our customers prefer their own cleaning products and smells.
We ask if that you stay with us for at least one month, to fully appreciate the benefits that we can offer. After that please give us one months' notice in writing, this enables us to find the cleaner more work to replace their income, and refund you accordingly.
Payment of the management service (agency fee) is to be made by standing order on a quarterly basis. A standing order will need to be in place (received by the office) before we can start cleaning for you, this eradicates any queries over payment. You will then be required to leave the remaining part of the fee out for the cleaner on the day of your clean.
We do ask that this is done directly to the office in writing and not through the cleaner so that we can make sure all loose ends are closed off. The notice period we ask for is one month, this is to enable us to redirect the cleaner to another clean. On cancellation you will need to arrange with the cleaner the return of any keys directly.
Yes, we always take up references for our cleaners.
Our ironing service is purely an add on to your clean. Whilst we are happy to iron anything that you require, we are not specialized in this service.
You have the option of giving the cleaner a set of keys to your property or being present at the agreed times to give the cleaner access.
Our cleaners have both public liability and personal injury cover whilst in your home of up to 2 million pounds.
Usually within 7 to 10 days, depending on cleaner availability but often it can be faster than that. The more flexible you can be on the day you require, the quicker a cleaner can be found. If you only want the most popular days of Thursday or Friday then it may take a little longer.
Our rate is £12.50 per hour. This is made up of two elements, the cleaners pay and our retainer fee. The retainer fee covers our day to day administration costs and for things like the provision of insurance covers for accidents and breakages. We also endeavour to introduce replacement cleaners, if requested, to cover holidays and illnesses when a cleaner is unable to do this. And of course the ongoing recruitment and vetting of suitable cleaners. This retainer fee is paid quarterly in advance by standing order. Collecting the quarterly fees by standing order saves on administration and so allows up to keep the costs down.
The cleaners we introduce are self employed and are responsible for their own tax and national insurance paymnets. The retainer fee is currently £4.00 per hour; this means that for a typical weekly clean of 2 hours an invoice would have to be raised each time for £8.00. This would be irritating for you, and would be time consuming and costly for us and would inevitably mean prices would increase. By having a quarterly standing order system these costs can be kept to a minimum and so you benefit by us being able to keep our fees low.
We calculate the amount payable until the next quarterly payment date is due. We will then send the standing order to your bank ready for the next quarterly payment date. These dates are typically 1st April, 1st July, 1st October and 1st January or nearest working day.
If the problem is minor we would recommend that you initially bring up your concerns with the cleaner, if it is more serious or if things have not improved after you have spoken with them then call us. Let us know what your concerns are and we will do all we can to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. If you decide that you would like us to introduce an alternative cleaner then we will do that with no quibble.
There is NO OBLIGATION to pay your cleaner if their services are not required on a particular week. The retainer fee however is not refundable.
It's entirely up to you what tasks your cleaner carries out on a weekly basis, some clients want the same things done each week, others like to have a special job done periodically and others have a monthly rota. As long as you speak to your cleaner and they understand what is required of them then that is fine. However, please ensure that the tasks you set are achievable in the allotted time.
If your question isn't covered here please do not hesitate to contact a member of the management team.