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5 ways to spruce up your home for the new year.
Jan 5th, 2017 12:07 pm     A+ | a-
Happy new year everyone!

Have you taken your decorations down yet? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by post-christmas clutter? Fear not. We've spoken to our crack team of experienced cleaners and they have given us their top 5 tips for getting your home ready for the new year.

When taking down all your Christmas decorations, don't just chuck them in a box and put them back in the loft. Take some time to go through what you have, throw away anything that is broken and anything that you didn't put up this year. You'll thank yourself next year!

It's lovely to receive cards in the run up to Christmas, perhaps from people you hardly ever see or speak to - but January is the time to get rid of them! Recycle your Christmas cards with your household recycling, or take them to one of the many UK retailers that have a Christmas card recycling programme. While you're at it, fill your recycling bin with as much cardboard as you can get your hands on. Chocolate boxes, shoe boxes, toy boxes, packaging boxes. Flatten it all and recycle it.


When putting away your Christmas presents make sure you get rid of at least two items from the same category. Did you get a posh new pair of boots for Christmas? When you put them away in the wardrobe make sure you take two pairs of shoes out and give them to charity. Did the kids get a new XBox game for Christmas? Rather than just plonking it on the shelf with the rest, encourage your kids to give away two games that they don't play anymore. This is a great way to de-clutter.

Our top cleaners tell us that anything not used on a daily basis should be put away! So in the kitchen the kettle stays out on the work surface (obviously!) but can the kitchen scales go in a cupboard? In the bathroom your shampoo and showergel need to be close to hand, but posh candles and luxury products could go away in a basket or drawer for that rare occasion that you might actually get some time to pamper yourself!

We all know the health benefits of having plants in the house. They clean the air, improve energy levels and immunity - very important at this time of year. But they also look beautiful. So put a few more plants around the house, their greenery will lift your spirits and have you looking forward to Spring in no time!

We hope these top tips will help to ease you in to a happy and healthy new year and we'd love to hear any of your ideas for a post christmas clean up!

Team Spotless
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